Mobile payment

We are actively engaged in the creation of innovative products of our clients in the area of mobile payment alternative methods using our long time experience in the processing of digital services and card transactions.

mplati – SMS payment of products and services

Trilix is the service provider of mPlati (mPay) SMS payment in the Croatian market. To our partners we offer the possibility of accepting SMS payments for sales of products and services for all A1 and HT mobile users. For more information about the mPlati service and how to become our partner visit

Nexbike – SMS top up of an account

Trilix delivered the solution for SMS top up of the user account for the public bikes system Nextbike for A1 and HT users.

EasyPass – NFC payment in restaurants and bars

EasyPass is an integral solution for large business users who wish to offer their employees NFC access to business premises and mobile payment in the premises or in immediate vicinity of the company. Our solution enables payments in the cafeteria or restaurants by using mobile phones and NFC technology.

Vendix – mobile payment on vending machines

Motivated by clients’ needs, Trilix developed solutions for mobile paying on vending machines. Our solution can be installed on most vending machines, thus enabling your customers SMS and NFC payments.