Trilix DSDS

Trilix DSDS is a system designed for service providers and their distributors as an integral solution for digital transformation of existing sales network and organization of digital services distribution. If you sell coupons, vouchers, tickets for various events, transport and parking tickets, lottery or coupons that allow user to use the benefits at the point of sale, our system is a perfect solution for you. Our system enables more open, safer, faster and cheaper way to manage sales in all types of sales points you include in your sales activities (retail, wholesale, field sales, telesales, online sales etc.).

FLEXIBILITY, MODULARITY  and INTEGRABILITY  are the main characteristics of our solutions

We are well aware of the challenges that go hand in hand with the implementation of the system in dynamic surroundings or adjustments that are needed to achieve integration with your existing solutions, however, we see that as the distinct advantage of Trilix DSDS design. Our system consists of four modules/units. The choice of modules and the mode of adjustment depend on your needs and are subject to agreement.


Voucher management system is a module for the creation/production of digital services. In VOMS we define all the data for your product and a minimum level of security protection (encryption).
Smart VOMS algorithms will take care of the uniqueness and protection of your product, while the production capacity and dynamics are subject to agreement.

digital storage

Digital services storage is needed in case your products are created prior to sales activities. Digital storage module will offer control of the situation of created products, possibility to manage minimum amounts and sales limits and to manage sales point stock levels before and during sales activities.


In Croatia, our product has been recognized as the best solution for delivery of digital services to the sales point regardless of the type – banking EFT POS machines, POS machines for distribution of telecom pre-paid vouchers or fiscal cash registers. We offer solutions for all well-known EFT POS terminals, API for fiscal cash register and WEB terminal solutions that enable seller admission and sale of digital services via standard internet browsers without the need for integration with the fiscal cash register or having an EFT POS terminal.

BI & Reporting

The advantage of selling digital services reflects in the ability to have insight into sales results and activities accompanied with high quality data through Trilix DSDS system controls in real time. In addition to the standard reports intended for sales activities coordinators, available via web browsers, we offer the possibility to integrate them with your accounting system.