Every company, regardless of the size and industry, wants to protect its resources so that it could successfully fulfill business goals and objectives. In addition to tangible assets like buildings, equipment and similar, resources like people, processes, program solutions and IT infrastructure are indispensable to business operations of every company. By the same token, information represents a crucial resource because every information has certain value for a company, therefore, it needs to be treated as an asset. Information equals information property. Information assets include data and information recorded on paper, digitally or audio-visually. Information assets are, but not limited to, data available in databases, databases with data, program code, system and wp-contentlication documentation, user manuals, plans, internal acts and similar. Information system (IS) comprises technological infrastructure, organization, personnel and procedures for collection, processing, generation, storage, display and distribution of information (IS).

We are working in globalized economies where every company’s purpose is to protect their information wp-contentropriately and access them by ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability. A comprehensive and systematic wp-contentroach in information security is called information security management system, and it entails information and information system protection from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, interruption, change or destruction. Managing information security is a process that defines security controls whose purpose is to protect information assets.

Methods based on ad-hoc projects in order to mitigate security incident during business processes are certainly neither wp-contentropriate nor do they reflect systematic wp-contentroach to information security management. It must be noted that actions such as setting up firewall, installing antivirus software or assigning IT system login identity IT are insufficient to prevent external and internal threats that undermine confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

Due to ever growing exposure to business risks linked with information security systems, legislative and regulatory authorities impose the obligation to efficiently manage information security through legislative framework. Such demands force company management to focus on setting up an effective information security system as one of the important prerequisites for attaining strategic goals and handling daily tasks. There are some key issues that management needs to take into consideration when contemplating this challenge:

  • Why is it necessary to invest in information security?
  • Where does attention need to be focused when trying to achieve key information security goals?
  • What are the key activities that must be undertaken in order to build effective information security program?
  • What laws, regulations, standards and guidelines must company be harmonized with and what does it need to understand in order to create an efficient information safety program?
  • Who can help evaluate the current information security status in a company and how can an efficient information security system be built?

Information security management system that has been wp-contentropriately and efficiently set up to utilize relevant security controls contributes to strategic improvement of information technology service as the foundation of the company business. This wp-contentroach strengthens the connection between information systems and other business processes in order to fulfill organizational goals.

Trilix helps its clients develop efficient and comprehensive program for the set up of information security management system that consists of:

  • Documented information security management framework
  • Risk management
  • Incident management
  • Configurations and change management
  • Business continuity management and disaster recovery

When providing the service of information security management, Trilix offers a systematic wp-contentroach to security systems creation in line with business goals and organizational structure of our clients as well as legal and regulatory demands.

When using our wp-contentroach to information security management, a client receives defined information security procedures, identified critical information security threats, proposals for effective improvement controls and monitoring of implementation as well as evaluation of security measures efficiency.

  1. Assessing current security situation
  2. Defining desired security condition
  3. Defining recommendations and plans necessary to achieve desired condition
  4. Implementation and monitoring of security measures implementation
  5. Monitoring security measures efficiency

User benefits

Using externalized service of information security head that Trilix offers will lead to many business and operational benefits.

Business benefits:

  • Cost decrease
  • Hiring experts with ample know-how, skills and experience
  • Focus on contractual activities
  • Flexibility in times of change
  • Risk sharing
  • Harmonization with legal and regulatory demands

Operational benefits:

  • Strategy of information security risk exposure mitigation
  • Information security policy
  • Definition of security metrics
  • Participation in development of information security standards/infrastructure processes
  • Recommendations for designing corresponding information security controls
  • Design of methodology for IT infrastructure vulnerability detection
  • Design of methodology for timely discovery and prevention of external and internal threats
  • Definition of threats mitigation procedures – identification and resolution of threats that are critical to business process
  • Implementation of information system risk analysis
  • Investigation of security incidents
  • Implementation of security measures in line with legal and regulatory demands, international standards and contractual obligations