Trilix mission and vision

Trilix flexibly and quickly delivers custom-made solutions to clients, exceeding their expectations in terms of quality and innovativeness. We realize our mission and vision through the following three elements:

Cost effectiveness

Trilix delivers efficient and competitive solutions and services that are tailor-made to suit the needs of our clients

Creating values

Trilix develops and implements innovative and effective IT solutions and services that enable our clients to fulfill their goals

Operational integrity

We develop and implement highly available IT solutions and services for which we ensure continuous 24/7 support


In order to secure the best and most efficient support to business activities, Trilix is organised in four departments that represent the core of grouped business process competencies:

Development – secures the progress of Trilix systems and provides high level of expert support through the acquisition of IT technologies and high technological competencies.

Consulting – implements projects for our clients from various industries through the implementation of international standards and best practices.

Client support – this is the focal communication interface that connects us to our clients, surroundings and internal company processes.

Business analysis – this is a starting point for all Trilix projects with the aim of understanding business environment of our clients and their needs.


We build and direct Trilix so that it is, above all things, a place where people gladly come to work and are joyful about what they do, where they have a possibility to communicate openly about everything and where they can realize their ideas without feeling the fear of failure.

Values that we hold dear are the values we live by, and we have built them step by step by reaching the consensus of all our employees.

Trilix’s team spirit is strengthened through everyday work and social events. Inside and outside of our business environment, together we agree and decide about the values we care for.

The values we have recognized and the ones foster are:

1.The highest professional and ethical principles of modern business
2. Family values
3. Open communication
4. Personal responsibility
5. Social responsibility
6. Partnership
7. Competency
8. Fairness

In order to realize business objectives and results we have set, we encourage competitive atmosphere in our work environment, but at the same time we do not neglect interpersonal relationships, mutual trust and respect. The result of these efforts – something we are especially proud of – is the award for the best employer in the category of small and medium enterprises in 2011, a part of the research conducted by Moj posao, job portal.

One of the ways we in Trilix spend time outside our business environment is our annual team building. We try to choose an activity that suits all our employees so they feel well and we all enjoy the activity we like or wish to experience. We finish our teambuilding with a lunch where we talk about the company, our views on its development and goals as well as the things we wish to accomplish to make our work in Trilix more challenging and in line with our expectations. During the past years, we have enjoyed rafting, go-kart driving, paintball, trekking and cycling

Business operations quality

Continuous improvement of the company, business processes and ourselves, is one of the key determinants of Trilix. As a part of this process, Trilix obtained valuable certificates like:

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the scope “Consultant services, development, implementation, maintenance and provision of services of the Trilix digital services distribution system and online education system”;

ISO/IEC 9001:2015 for the scope “Consultant services, development, implementation, maintenance and provision of services of the Trilix digital services distribution system and online education system”;

The Office of the National Security Council awarded Trilix business security certificate for the level “Classified”. This enabled us to fulfill all prerequisites for the participation in projects that have certain level of confidentiality. Awarded certificate also includes fulfillment of conditions for the participation in NATO tenders that bear the mark “Classified”. Chosen Trilix employees also underwent the procedure of security check, which means they, as natural persons, fulfilled all the conditions to access information of the Republic of Croatia, EU and NATO marked as “Classified”. Our certificates are valid until April 2017.