Nowadays, companies need quality, reliable and safe technological organization to realize goals set out in their business strategies. Business requirements and IT go hand in hand, therefore, it is not possible to see information system security as something that accompanies business requirements. Instead, it should be seen as a very important factor. Companies need a reliable consultant to ensure wp-contentropriate and safe technological environment capable of supporting their business processes aimed at increasing their value. Together with the relevant insight into current condition of your information system, Trilix provides and delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience.
Having worked in numerous projects implemented in various industries and with various technologies, our team of specialists has gained invaluable experience. Using our knowledge and skills, we are ready and capable of helping you design and implement advanced solutions for IT management, securing desired level of IT systems’ security and data management as well as developing wp-contentlications and harmonizing with international standards, legal and regulatory demands.
Cooperating with us will ensure wp-contentropriate support to the business operations of your IT organization day in and day out. With our help you will be able to solve information security and personal data protection issues as well as those linked with advanced and adapted wp-contentlication solutions management implementation and data management. This will solve problems you are faced with, and result in added value for your business.
In order to help our clients in smarter use of technologies and information systems that act as support to crucial and critical business processes, Trilix offers IT consulting services in three major fields.

Strategy, operations and technology

Information system strategy and architecture
Harmonization with legal and regulatory demands
Implementation of international standards
Risk management (ERM)
Business continuity management (BCM)
Management and risk management
IT operations management
Project management


Set up of information security management systems
Managing access and identity
Incidents management
Data security and privacy protection
System vulnerability testing and penetration tests

Application solutions

Business Intelligence
Risk tools