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Java software developer

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Trilix is continually expanding in both business and the number of employees. As an IT company, we most often source employees through different higher education facilities (Faculty of organization and informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences), with or without working experience. We also employ candidates of different profiles in our Consulting Department, Customer Support Department, Business Analysis Department and in Sales. Currently Trilix employs 18 people. Our work time is flexible, we offer benefits like fresh coffee and fruits, and most importantly – a friendly, relaxed work atmosphere!

Students from different Universities have an opportunity for a paid internship at Trilix, with the best having an opportunity to stay on as full time employees. Aside from student interns, we have a few employed students who help us with tasks in our Customer Support Department.


Our Development section is comprised of designers and their manager. Designers are in charge of developing wp-contentlication solutions and systems, and they work on maintenance projects. More experienced team members work on engagement evaluations and systems implementation, while designers with a bit less experience are assisted by the manager and older colleagues. As a part of their duties everyone holds presentations and educates clients and internal users.

Key technologies used are:

  • Java
  • Spring FrameworkSpring Web Services
  • SQL Server.

Designers often visit various conferences, workshops and educational events, along with being incentivized to study and wp-contently new tehnologies.

Department Manager handles the financial, material and human resources of the Department. His responsibility is to plan and organize the work inside the Department, define standards, procedures and policies for developing information systems and software in Trilix. They communicate daily with clients anad partners. They are also in charge of oversight of timely product deployment and quality, as well as for coordinating activities with other sections, and for the educational development of their designers.

Become a member of Trilix team as:

Java software developer

The job includes working on the development and expansion of existing solutions and the development of new applications and services in line with business development. As a developer within the company, you participate in all phases of project development through proposals and open cooperation with other departments.

Existing projects include systems in the retail and tourism industries that are mainly business-oriented. This means that most of the work will be in the development of REST web services and clients and closed web applications and given the nature of our products much integration into external services, systems, and service providers. For web applications that are done, you get a ready-made design or the entire frontend, so you do not need advanced knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript / TypeScript, but basic knowledge to refine the resulting solutions that we implement in web applications. Affinity for self-development of the frontend part of the application is welcome, but not necessary. When developing new projects, we prefer to use newer versions of Java and Spring, and we are open to suggestions for the inclusion and prototyping of new useful technologies, tools, and processes.

When developing the system, we use an MSSQL database and we need a basic knowledge of the SQL environment since most current projects contain a lot of SQL logic.

During development we use an agile approach to work, the framework we apply when developing larger projects in the team is SCRUM, while for smaller features that are not done in a larger team we use Kanban

We use a set of Atlassian tools (Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence…) to manage development and business, the development environment for Java is intelliJ, and for the database MSSQL tools + SQL Prompt.

Positions: Mid, Senior

Place of work: Ulica grada Vukovara 269f Green Gold, V1, 2nd floor, 10000, Zagreb


  • min 2 years of work experience
  • experience in working with Java, the advantage is the experience with Spring Framework
  • knowledge of the basics of web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and REST and SOAP services
  • experience in working with SQL databases, the advantage is working in an MSSQL environment
  • knowledge of the basics in working with git
  • proactivity in work and readiness for the team and independent work and cooperation with other departments

Education in the field of Information Technology, Natural or Technical Sciences.

Required years of experience: 2

What do we offer?

  • Employment contract for an indefinite period
  • Incentive income following your contribution and market conditions
  • The possibility of working in the office and remotely (with periodic visits to the company).
  • Workplace equipped with ergonomic chairs, two monitors, and a laptop dock. At the time of purchasing new laptops, you are free to choose the laptop you want
  • Regular internal dev meetupe events
  • Possibility to go to conferences and training. If you have a desire to teach at conferences, we offer a special time for preparation.
  • Allocated time for education and certifications of your choice
  • Regular 1on1 feedback meetings
  • Free fruit, hot and cold drinks, and similar things
  • Subsidized membership in a sports association (Multisport) for you and your partners
  • Team-building and joint celebrations

Working hours: Mon - Fri, sliding working hours in the form of arrival at work between 07:00 and 10:00. Due to personal needs, work can be arranged from time to time at other times, mainly to do the agreed work. In essence, we are not strict about it, our goal is to ensure a good work-life balance for all members of the company, and we are aware of the fact that everyone has different preferences and needs.

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ISO 9001:2015 HR11/0474 (kliknite za više)

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 HU11/5711 (kliknite za više)

Member of HUJAK (kliknite za više)