Information assurance audit

Information system audit is an integral part of the business audit whose aim is to establish information systems reliability. At the same time, it is crucial for maintaining the quality of information system security.
Trilix’s information system audit is conducted by a team of qualified experts. All team members have internationally accepted IS audit certificates.
At Trilix, we understand that audit procedure has to provide added value to our clients and their employees, which usually entails improvement of the existing situation and system as well as employee training.
At any given time, we have more answers than there are questions. The first question we want to ask you is: What does your management expect from the information system audit? During the audit process, Trilix tests efficiency of the process and grades system adequacy of internal controls and risk management. However, at the same time we look for possible improvements and suggest possible solutions.
Trilix’s team of experienced professionals, IS auditors, will help you position yourself in the environment which is constantly changing when it comes to accepting and understanding risks that are quite usual in the IS environment. We use tools adapted to client’s demands and proven methodologies to fully comply with individual needs of each client.
Our professional experience enables us to recognize information system features, implemented wp-contentlication controls and the level of safety as well as to offer pre and post implementation analysis.
Auditing tasks are conducted in line with legal regulations, rules, principles and professional auditing standards of auditing profession. The methodology of the information system audit we developed is based on internationally accepted control framework for information system controls of the COBIT Institute for information technology (originally: IT Governance Institute), ISO/IEC 27001 standard, PCI DSS and other relevant standards. Our methodology of information system audit contains criteria, means and procedures of information system audit based on risk assessment.

When hiring Trilix’s experts for auditing, our business partners get many benefits such as:

  • Harmonization with legal and regulatory demands
  • Entirely independent audit implementation
  • Costs decrease connected with wiser organization of own resources (employment, training, auditing tools…).

We offer the following auditing services:

  • Information system audit as support to financial report auditing
  • Internal information system auditor (entirely or partly externalized function)
  • Analysis of harmonization with legal and regulatory demands
  • ad hoc audit and counseling
  • audits of projects
  • quality management system (QMS) audits
  • IS/IT Due Diligence