The biggest self-service carwash manufacturer and retailer in the Adriatic region, Adriateh from Sveta Nedjelja, is expanding its business to SMS payment. Adriateh joined forces with the companies Semper tehnika and Trilix, and via Vipnet, they launched SMS payment service this Tuesday at two self-service carwash locations – Sveta Nedjelja, Dr. Franje Tuđmana 26 and Sesvete, Ljudevita Posavskog 13.

Ivan Karačić, director of Semper tehnika, says that their plan is to create a new SMS service that would become as popular as SMS parking. “mAutopraonica (mCarwash) service is the first new SMS service that is easy to use as SMS parking: you do not need to register to use it, just send the name of the machine and the amount of money you wish to pay for the service. And it does not end there! You can use the service for all types of vending machines.”, says Karačić.
In parallel, carwashes retain their usual coin payment system.

How does the service function?

During the use of mAutopraonica (mCarwash), a user pays a certain amount established by the contracting partner for vehicle washing and cleaning in advance. It is enough to send a text message to 700700 with a key word containing ID number of the machine for washing or cleaning a vehicle and the amount of the fee e.g. 5 or 15 kuna. Upon successful payment, user’s account is charged with the amount and the user gets a confirmation text message.

New wp-contentroach

Mladen Amidžić, the President of Management Board of Trilix, says this service is based on the same technology already used by the HAC (Croatian Motorways), ARZ (Zagreb-Rijeka Motorway) and all mobile operators, HAK (Croatian Automobile Club), Oryx and insurance companies. “This is an example of reversing the wp-contentroach of placing our service and systems on the market because we sell less and less technology to the IT professionals, and more and more solutions to the clients from the business sector”, concluded Amidžić.

mAutopraonica (mCarwash) is available to all Vip and Vipme users.