Together with Gulliver Travel, Trilix has developed a platform for the integration of all sales channels for Gulliver travel’s tourist products – a system for distribution and sales of excursions.
Gulliver travel is a leading destination management company (DMC) in the region and also a part of the most renowned tourism company in the world – TUI Group. Gulliver travel devotes special attention to continuous monitoring of trends, and creates a wide range of new, differentiated and innovative tourism products/programs, whilst being sustainable and focusing on optimisation of processes, cutting-edge IT solutions and technologies.
The sale of tourist excursions and systems of multiple service providers, through various sales channels with fast paced price changes and capacities pose a huge challenge for the wp-contentlication development of systems for integration, distribution and sales in real time.
Our system enables integration with unlimited number of back-office systems for the creation of excursions offer, all available sales channels (sales representatives, agencies, hotels, web, mobile platforms, vending machines etc.) and background business and financial systems.
Sales representatives can now sell excursions via tablets or laptops anytime, anywhere without the need to additionally check excursions availability or use other gadgets and wp-contents. The system for distribution and sale of excursions supports sales activities through user smart phone or by using vending machines. The flexibility of our solution enables web shops interested in selling tourist excursions simple connection to the eco system of the service provider.