eMobi application has strengthened Osijek as the first Croatian city to have a system of distributed electric cars and bicycles. In addition to the infrastructure of public transportation, trams and buses, Osijek promotes itself to be the leader of urban mobility and green transition. This are the words of Osijek Mayor Ivan Radic at yesterday’s presentation of the eMobi system.

As a partner of the company Public bicycle system – Nextbike, Trilix developed an eMobi application. It manages 25 self-service stations, with 50 electric and 125 mechanical bikes, located in the area of the city of Osijek, 13 of which will be solar-powered.


Trillix experts have completely created an eMobi application containing the following functionalities:

  • registration of beneficiaries;
  • sign-in/sign-out in the system using user data, by attaching a card (RFID) or reading QR code
  • display user account/profile status
  • hire/return of bicycles
  • Display locations
  • general information
  • support for multilingualism
Rental process

The rental of eMobi bicycles operates according to a simple principle: it is necessary to download a nextbike mobile application, select the payment method (via a bank card, SMS or Internet banking), as well as the type of card with the presentation of a personal document.

Osijek-eMobiLokacijeAfter registration, it is sufficient to place the cell phone on the totem set or scan the QR code at the station. After that client can choose the type of bike after which the lock on one of the bikes will automatically unlock, and the user starts his drive. During the ride, the user can make breaks and secure the bicycle. Afterwards he can then return it to the station with the electronic lock down and the bike is automatically checked out. If the user does not return the bike to the official station, there is an automatic message to charge additional expenses, which optimises maintenance and safety costs. The shared bicycle system is ensured through GPS, registration of each user and insurance policy.

You can view the number of available bicycles at a particular location on this link, and keep an eye on the E-mobility of the town of Osijek on the official FB page of the project.nku.