XPOS desktop is a novelty in the offer of XPOS solutions

Offering a high-quality, affordable and simple cash register system for strong business agility for users from anywhere on the planet.

This package is intended for those who want to have greater comfort with a large cash register screen and permanent installation on the work area with a portable card payment device. Treat yourself to a high-quality, top-notch professional fiscal cash register solution with the option of accepting card payments.

The XPOS Desktop all-in-one package consists of a UNI fiscal cash register license with the option to pay for more functionality, a 10″ desktop device with a printer with the option of integrated card payment from our partner Teya, and with or without a SIM card.

  • We deliver an XPOS fiscal cash register that is immediately ready for operation – we enter the initial price list, Fina certificate and other business data for you and activate the device
  • We provide education for the use of the device and service, and jointly test the operation of the cash register and card payment application


  • All in one touchscreen device – printer, cash register, application and internet connection
  • Support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Ideal for craftsmen, restaurateurs and retailers
  • Possibility of integrated storage
  • Record of payment types
  • Simple registration via bracelet, smart card, pendants…
  • Daily data backup in the cloud
  • Selection of data entry method (selection via screen, item code, barcode scanner…)
  • Print the order in multiple locations (kitchen, bar…)
  • Selection of stored clients when issuing invoices
  • Material or financial business – simpler monitoring of product documentation, regulations, review of product reports…

See payment and package options in more detail on the XPOS desktop offer or call us on 01 8848 072.