It is no secret that we live in a digital era where 3-year-olds handle mobile devices and recklessly accept all the cookies of the world, even those not made out of chocolate, just to improve their viewing experience when watching the latest episode of Peppa Pig*.

With information becoming more valuable than oil wells in the digital age, the EU decided to put an end to the irresponsible management and unauthorised “dealing” of said information and adopted what is now known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Even though the implementation of the measures stipulated by the GDPR is only 4 months away, it is not too late for small-size businesses to comply. A considerable number of large-size businesses have already begun preparing their compliance with the GDPR; however it is high time for all those that have not yet begun.

One of the basic features of Trilix is that we are always ahead of our time and in this case we have proven ourselves once again. We began dealing with the Regulation and its requirements long before it became a topic on web portals. The result of our wp-contentroach is visible in a number of projects of aligning reputable Croatian and international companies with the GDPR requirements and other regulatory legislation in the field of IT security. It is worth noting that Trilix has acquired high standards in service and product quality as well as information security, including ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, the standards of which are regularly maintained in its business dealings with clients.

Our consultancy team of experts in both information security and IT legislation resolves issues of personal data protection by relying on business processes and performing a systematic analysis aimed at enabling its customers to implement all the required adjustments for complying with the new Regulation.

However, it should be noted that compliance cannot be achieved in a single afternoon and for those that wish to perform the task with a high level of quality, a sufficient amount of time and resources are required. However unnecessary or expensive it might seem from your current perspective; it is far less than the fines stipulated by the GDPR.

The amount of time and money it will eventually cost depends on several factors: the size of your company, the current IT security status, the possible flexibility in the implementation of new solutions, the amount of data processed by the company, and the like.

Trilix helps its clients in establishing operative measures and procedures for the protection of personal data by providing clear guidelines. It also gives instructions for monitoring and assessing the efficiency of the implemented data protection measures and for undertaking further measures aimed at continuous improvements in the field of IT security and personal data protection. Hence, it is clear that Trilix already possesses a verified system for implementing the solutions required for compliance, which it adjusts to the needs of each customer by wp-contentlying an individualised wp-contentroach.

Even though the GDPR has kicked up a lot of dust by imposing certain obligations to companies and providing numerous rights to private citizens, we believe it is being unnecessarily perceived in a negative context. Primarily, we are all citizens and we need to think about personal protection and security. The overall alignment of legal entities with the GDPR will ultimately make an important contribution to the development of the data protection culture, which is by all means necessary, since the tasteless cookies from the beginning of this story have become so widespread in collecting various data from us but without offering us a choice of flavours or aromas.


By Antonija Perković, Trilix

* All product names and brands used in the text are the property of their respective owners.