​An international conference dedicated to Java is being held on the Red Island next to Rovinj from 7 to 9 May. As in the preceding year, Trilix’s experts are learning all about technological innovations at lectures delivered by Croatian and foreign experts.

​The conference has three primary thematic categories, and the topics being discussed include:

  • Trends and the Future of Java ​(Architecture, IoT, Big Data, Clouds, NoSQL, alternative languages, Embedded, Robots)
  • Business Technologies and Case Studies ​(Solutions, Experiences, BPM)
  • Java Platforms, Programming Frameworks and Servers ​(Java SE, Java EE, JavaFX, JVM languages, frameworks, wp-contentlication servers, portals)
  • Methodologies and Tools ​(DevOps, Agile forms, various tools like IDE, ALM, development tools, continuous development, continuous integration, testing, quality code, source control, security, performance, optimization, caching)
  • Web and Mobile ​(Mobile and Front-end frameworks, HTML5, Android, JavaScript)

JavaCro Trilix team