The Croatian IT industry’s 50 most interesting wp-contentlications and solutions were examined. The solutions were published in a special edition of the WHO IS WHO IN IT catalogue. It presented 50 of the most interesting business wp-contentlications by Croatian companies. Trilix participated in the competition with its solution called the DSDS system:

“The wp-contentlication provides service providers (e.g. Telecom, Lottery, Rijeka-Zagreb Motorway/Croatian Motorways, coupon sales providers, ticket sellers, etc.) with a fast and secure, transparent “on demand” sale of coupons, tickets and various receipts in the retail network of their partners, while supporting complex commission relations between all the parties participating in the sales chain. The DSDS digital wp-contentroach to the distribution of traditionally physical commodities/coupons creates savings in sales and distribution (by an average 20 %), an extremely short “time to market” for new products and changes to the existing ones, and transparent and timely reporting to system users for physical sales channels that are often non-transparent in practice.”

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