Eluxio d.o.o. – the first company that has combined different activities in the field of animation, promotion and entertainment consolidating them into one logical unit, has joined forces with Trilix as their technological partner, and in collaboration with Vipnet introduced a new service of SMS payment of self-service machines.

The service was presented in Zagreb, in Arena shopping centre, as a new type of payment for rides on kiddie ride machines, and the plan is to spread this service to over 90 types of self-service machines. Thanks to this mobile payment service, parents do not need to worry anymore about having enough change while their child is impatiently waiting to enjoy the ride on their favourite ride machine.

By using this service, SMS payment on self-service machines is simple, quick and safe.




The user pays this service by sending a text message with a corresponding key word to the short number 705101. The key word represents a unique number of the self-service machine (e.g. 1111). Each machine in the system of this service has a visible unique number displayed on an mPlati (mPay) sticker. After successful transaction, a user gets payment confirmation via SMS which contains all data about charge amount, and the ride can start. The price of this service is HRK 6.00 + the fee for the payment service of the operator.

This service is available to all Vip subscribers and Vipme users.

This is how Mladen Amidžić, the president of the board of Trilix has commented this new service:

Eluxio contacted us because they have recognized our compatibility, both in terms of business and technology. They needed a solution that would enable parents to pay their service via SMS on their toy riding machines. They took care of the technical part, similar to what they did in the case of “SMS Žetonjera” at Semper tehnika, and we provided the solution for communication with mobile operators. The system we delivered works in the same way as does our mPlati (mPay) created for our other partners. I have to be honest and say that I was smiling for quite a while after returning from the meeting with Eluxio because they are in the business of making children and their management hwp-contenty and that’s really great. In addition to that, I believe this will be the biggest leap in volume and turnover in SMS payment so far, since these machines are frequently used.

For more information about the service mPlati (mPay) visit the official website www.mplati.hr

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