The first conference ICT Gold Award 2015 organized by portal IT Biz Crunch, a part of the VIDI media group, took place in hotel Regent Esplanade, Zagreb on Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

This event gathered top IT managers from Croatia and the region as well as companies that have been the most successful in implementing projects in the ICT community business practice. The awards were given in four categories: Knowledge Management, CRM, IT Infrastructure and Billing System.

In the category Knowledge Management the awards were presented to the user APIS IT and implementer TIS – Object Information Systems who have successfully created business social network that allows users a fast and simple insight into a myriad of information.

Iskon as user and Seven IT as their implementer were awarded in the category Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Over 80% of Iskon employees use new and faster CRM system, with new system functionalities underway.

The winners in the category IT infrastructure are Podzemno skladište plina as user and their implementer Blink with the project of automated backup in the underground gas storage system.

Company Trilix Ltd. got the award for the best implemented solution in the category Billing system.

Vipnet – user of Trilix’s solution – uses their NFC payment system within Vipnet’s business premises which has decreased waiting time by 50% wherever payments are conducted, like for example in Vipnet’s restaurant.

The CEO of Trilix Ltd. Mladen Amidžić said after the ceremony: “I have to be honest and say this conference was excellent. I believe there is always someone who will recognize what you do, and we have to thank Vipnet for having the courage and for believing that a company as small as Trilix can successfully realize such a big idea. On the other hand, I have to thank all of Trilix’s employees because at the end of the day it’s all about them as they are the ones who invest passion, time and effort in everything we do. We were developing the awarded solution for about 9 months, and as for the number of people who worked on it, I cannot precisely answer that question because this solution comprises several parts: people who have worked on hardware components intended for the vending machines, developers i.e. people who developed software on the machines and in the system background as well as people who have worked closely with Vipnet on integrating all of the afore mentioned.“

The panel of judges had a number of criteria like solution innovativeness, implementation of the most recent technologies and user satisfaction with implemented solution in terms of the quality of project task.

What is a Billing System?

Payment systems do not necessarily need to be visible or favorite parts of business, yet, they are the core of each and every commercial operation. In addition to that, they have become inseparable from information technologies, and many of them have become independent IT services.

More and more people gain access to technologies which inevitably change payment industry. Companies need to be one step ahead of the banks, traditional financial institutions and methodologies and anticipate when and where to wp-contentroach payment users.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) transactions and Internet of Things (IoT) will only speed up payment transformation. These technologies are still in the making and their adoption is in many segments lagging behind traditional solutions so it still quite ambiguous what future users will demand when it comes to payment. Nonetheless, it is already evident that businesses must remain flexible, anticipate and continuously adapt and develop existing payment systems to satisfy customer needs.

What is ICT Gold Award?

ICT Gold Award, apart from being a reward for excellence, is also a confirmation of quality and reliability of ICT business services. ICT Gold Award is a result of thorough research of an expert team who has studied the specificities of business operations and references of the ICT companies that entered the competition. ICT Gold Award helps ICT companies verify their reputation and credibility to their partners and clients thus creating trust and security in a certain ICT transaction.