Smartica is a mobile wp-content for the purchase, activation and validation of digital public transport tickets.

Smart devices and Wi-Fi infrastructure create new opportunities

An increasing number of people use smart devices and mobile wp-contentlications, while the Wi-Fi infrastructure is widespread. Public transport throughout the world is aware of the importance of providing additional services to their users and moving away from the traditional ticket sales channels. Vipnet has years of experience in the digitalization of businesses and understands the needs and habits of mobile device users.

This is how the Smartica platform was created. It includes:

  • User’s mobile wp-content (Android and iOS) – used to purchase, activate and validate tickets
  • Devices for activating digital tickets, i.e. a system of passive radio devices installed in transit vehicles
  • A mobile wp-content for ticket inspectors: the system for fraud control and prevention contains a range of innovative wp-contentroaches (when entering a vehicle, a ticket inspector uses the wp-content to block the ticket activation device)
  • Cloud solutions for administration – an interface for administration, reporting and fraud prevention for the carrier

How does the system work?

The system is currently based on a background payment SMS channel, and additional functionalities are being developed to include other payment channels as well. Smartica’s wp-contentlicative system ensured the prevention of fraud noticed in the previous attempts to introduce SMS payment of public transport throughout Croatia.

Smartica is a digital and national platform. Each carrier has its “page” in the wp-contentlication, and in the future, a passenger having Smartica in his pocket will be able to use carrier services in any town. It will become the standard for paying public transport fare.

Smartica is based on a business model that allows for implementation at minimum input cost. Using Smartica as a distribution channel for (digital) tickets further enables urban carriers to provide better services, increase revenues and improve the availability and efficiency of collection.