Smart city offers its citizens personalized information in real time, encourages engaged communication and enables them to get the services they need simply and quickly, with a touch on their smartphone.

Design Thinking Studio EPH together, consulting company for design 52:HOURS from Prague and  digital agency SapientNitro from London in partnership with the Zagreb Holding organised the first workshop in Croatia where they designed new experiences for the citizens – city service users by wp-contentlying new methodology, design thinking and smart technologies. This project was organised under the patronage of the City of Zagreb.

Expert design teams comprised representatives of all relevant IT and design companies and institutions, and Trilix employees also took part in the project.

Four teams with a total of 26 members developed four digital solutions for smart Zagreb. Each team was going through five key phases of design thinking process in the period just before, during and after the workshop. These phases were: talking with users and monitoring their behaviours, defining their needs and precise challenges that need to be resolved, generating ideas, creation of prototypes and testing them together with the users. In this way, the solutions were designed in collaboration with the citizens of Zagreb, and the decision about which solution will be realized is going to be made based on the opinions of the future users.

Our representatives, Goran Švajgović and Mladen Savin wrote their impressions of the project:

It was a pleasure to participate on this workshop because I got the chance to become familiar with the design thinking method which enables pivoting of the designed solution during the brainstorming phase based on the feedback of end users. Given that the task was to come up with a digital solution, which could bring Zagreb closer to the notion of the “Smart City”, and make the use of city services and communication with the Holding easier for the citizens, the most important thing for us was to bear in mind the proposals of Zagreb inhabitants and make them the backbone of our design thinking. Collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, which had experts from various areas and members of the Holding, was wonderful.

Mladen and his team developed mobile wp-contentlication ParkMe that could enable citizens easier and faster parking payment, whilst Goran and his team designed a solution – wp-contentlication Info 365 – that could inform the citizens about current and forecasted city traffic situations so they can avoid being stuck in traffic jams.

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