The Conference “Croatian Insurance Days” is a traditional insurance business conference in the Republic of Croatia and has been regularly organised since 2003.
With a large number of its participants, high programme quality and its media presence, “Croatian Insurance Days” represent the central meeting spot and the largest annual insurance gathering in Croatia.
The primary aim of the Conference is to present topical issues and problems of the Croatian insurance market to the insurance public, showing the current situation and comparing it to targeted standards.
Trilix Ltd. has sponsored „Croatian Insurance Days“, thus supporting this important gathering of experts from the insurance sector. Apart from extremely interesting presentations and panels, we had the opportunity to find out more about the current trends in this dynamic industry.
We have also had the opportunity to present our services – ranging from harmonisation with legal and regulatory demands, information system audit, possibilities of outsourcing Trilix’s experts for risk management and information security tasks to the implementation of international business standards – to this knowledgeable audience. In addition to this, our new service called mPlati (mPay), which enables sales representatives fast and simple insurance premium payments via text message has raised a lot of interest. We expect mPlati (mPay) to be quite successful on the insurance market as it simplifies the technology of insurance sale and contributes to the efficient work of sales representatives.


We wish to express our gratitude to Croatian Insurance Bureau for providing such excellent organisation and hospitality.

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