We are extremely pleased to announce that our software and hardware solution, which Trilix developed as a partner of Nextbike by Tier, as of 11/15/2023. in officially launches the service of the public bicycle rental system “Buzău VeloCity” in Buzău, Romania.

The system manages 49 new self-service stations

After similar projects in Croatia, Buzău is the next European city to use Trilix’s bicycle rental solution. In that Romanian city, 49 self-service stations have been set up (of which 34 are solar-powered stations and 15 are virtual) with more than 490 bicycles distributed in these locations. In addition to around 452 modern bicycles with seven speeds that can be monitored by GPS, there are 30 intended for people with mobility difficulties, and another 30 that also have 3 wheels, for elderly people who cannot ride a normal bicycle.

Bicycle rental points are located throughout the municipality, so Buzău residents can get to any part of the city on two wheels. Bikes that can be rented for only 1 leu (0.20 EUR) per hour and All bikes for rent can also be booked via smartphone. The customer’s credit can also be topped up using a stationary payment terminal at the location.

“This system implemented in Buzău uses 3 types of urban mobility solutions for all categories of the population: active people, elderly people and people with disabilities. The project budget was approximately 2.5 million euros, to which the Buzau City Hall contributed 155,000 euros from own funds budget. The maintenance costs of the bicycles will be covered from the fee of 1 leu which is charged for the rental for 1 hour.” said Mayor Konstantin Toma.

Trilix hardware and software

Trilix’s experts have completely created a solution (hardware and software) that manages the stations and enables user registration, login/logout in the system via user data, or by sending an RFID card, display of user account/profile status, rental/return of bicycles and display of locations, and top-up of the user account is made possible by the integrated acceptance of card payments. You can see how Trilix was preparing the delivery of the mentioned devices (totems) in the following video.