Mobile sales

Modern business operations require frequent changes and innovations in B2C sales. Reorganization or development of new mobile sales channels are often followed by costly changes of existing wp-contentlication solutions and low levels of adjustment of those solutions to new sales circumstances.
We know that changing existing accounting and sales solutions is often not possible, while the buying of new, flexible mobile sales solutions and their use often encounters insurmountable challenges if they use data from the existing system (e.g. product availability, payment control, creation and customer maintenance).
Our specialty is consolidating your existing system and solution for sales expansion to adjustable and flexible mobile channels.

AboveCloud Fiscal Cash Register – Croatia Airlines


PThe sale of additional products and services is done via mobile fiscal cash register on Croatia Airlines flights. Our solution is integrated with the catalogue and the Croatia Airlines system, and it takes care of the sales data and offers the service of fiscalization for the sold products.

Trilix distribution and excursions sales system  – Gulliver Travel


The sale of holiday packages in the systems of multiple vendors, multiple sales channels with high price change and availability rate of packages remains the biggest challenge for wp-contentlication development of alternative sales channels. Our sales wp-contentlication solution offers the possibility to develop proactive and online sales channel together with the integration with your accounting and sales system. From now on, field based sales representatives will be able to sell holiday packages or excursions via tablets or laptops without the need to check availability or have additional gadgets. Web-shop channels may use our solution for access and sale of your products.