Loyalty programs, gift cards and coupons

Loyalty programs (programs designed to reward customer loyalty) and coupons are one of the most popular marketing strategies in retail and hospitality industry whose aim is to increase revenues through repeated sales to existing customers and attract new customers. There are more than a few ways to use these solutions, and the choice of the best implementation depends on the specificities of retailer business management.

Distribution of coupons and attracting loyalty program membership can be done in-store or at the point of sale, via mobile wp-contentlication, e-mail, print media, social networks or classic advertising. Taking into consideration retailer’s target group, which is especially attractive for business, yields best results.

Why are loyalty programs and coupons so great?

Tailor made wp-contentroach to the customer

Approaching your customers with an offer that treats them as very important customers, because you wish to keep them, is an excellent way to boost sales. In this way, you also raise awareness of your brand. You can run a short digital survey to check how your customers perceive you.
Knowing what your customers buy, when they visit you most often and how much they spend as well as demographic data like gender, age, name and e-mail is very important. It gives you the possibility to advertise your brand in a sophisticated and non-invasive way as you get to send advertising messages that are tailor made for each target group depending on their interests.

A chance to wp-contentroach new customers

To spend less and get the same or higher level of service is always a valid reason to become someone’s customer. Maybe you attract a customer who wants to be treated as a loyal customer. There are buyers who, at certain moments in time, do not have financial means to buy your goods or services. If they receive a coupon, a gift card or a loyalty program membership informing them of your special offer, they will certainly be encouraged in the decision to realize their purchase.

Differentiate your business from the competition

If your customers feel they are important to you, they will visit you again. Pricing war is the worst way to deal with competition. Tailor made service is a much better way to differentiate yourself from the rest, and you can achieve this by using the vast amounts of data about customer behavior that are accessible through the web-based display of your loyalty program. Use the opportunity and learn what is your customer’s favorite drink, what sport equipment they rent from your tourist facility or at what hours they visit your store. Recognize the importance of the “Big Spenders“, and offer them extra benefits. Besides, isn’t it great when a restaurateur welcomes you with your favorite drink?

Managing customer behavior

Through the communication display you can send targeted advertising messages and notifications to your customers. These messages will get good response and visibility because you know who the receiver is, and you can customize the content so that it matters to your customer. This enables you to invite your customers to visit you at times when your capacities are least used, and they are motivated to do so because they have received your special offer.

Modern technologies? Yes, exactly in right amounts!

Combine traditional loyalty and gift cards with mobile wp-contentlication. Harvest the power of social networks. Integrate your loyalty system into your cash register system for the best results or choose a solution that does not require start-up investments. Possibilities are unlimited.

How to start?

Preferably right now – before your competition does. Contact us and explain your objectives and needs. With our experience and technical competencies, we will help you pave the road to your success and win over satisfied customers.

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