Cash register system - Cash Desk

Cash register system  - Cash Desk is a robust business solution that includes a cash register with cloud backoffice and fiscalization, integrated card payment and an integrated customer and sales support system. Our solution offers the possibilities of top specialized cash register solutions in the segment of HoReCa, retail and service activities for the price of a "standard cash register".


What makes us competitive? Own production of software solution on our own infrastructure, with functionalities that will revolutionize the way of selling and using the cash register in Croatia. Cash Desk is a product that drastically reduces the speed and complexity of the most critical points of the user's journey and experience, thus adding value to the entire product.

The flexibility and sophistication of the solution enables the use of our product from micro to large companies and from small crafts, family farms, catering companies to large retail chains, from gas stations to every kiosk in any part of Croatia. Management of all points of sale is centralized, intuitive and fast.

Cash register portal - CD Manager

Management and monitoring is done through an application located in the "cloud". Centralization of all sales activities in one place in a safe and reliable environment, so you can perform most activities remotely, anytime and anywhere. By integrating with the Microsoft PowerBI solution, we enable you interactivity and analytical superiority.

Blagajna - CD Klient

The application on the device in the sales area allows the cash register to function even when there is no internet connection. During normal work with the Internet connection, all activities at the checkout are immediately visible in the cloud. Invoicing in 3 clicks, multiple payment methods, table and space management are just some of the many flexible functionalities of our cash register solution.

Konobar - Orderman

The waiter's application - Orderman - enables faster customer service, eliminates ordering misunderstandings and automatically notifies the bar or kitchen about the products they need to prepare. Depending on the equipment, you can also issue an invoice on the spot and make payments by various payment methods (including credit cards).

solution is for everyone!

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