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Junior / Senior Java developer(M/Ž) – ​​Business Development

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Trilix is continually expanding in both business and the number of employees. As an IT company, we most often source employees through different higher education facilities (Faculty of organization and informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences), with or without working experience. We also employ candidates of different profiles in our Consulting Department, Customer Support Department, Business Analysis Department and in Sales. Currently Trilix employs 18 people. Our work time is flexible, we offer benefits like fresh coffee and fruits, and most importantly – a friendly, relaxed work atmosphere!

Students from different Universities have an opportunity for a paid internship at Trilix, with the best having an opportunity to stay on as full time employees. Aside from student interns, we have a few employed students who help us with tasks in our Customer Support Department.


Our Development section is comprised of designers and their manager. Designers are in charge of developing wp-contentlication solutions and systems, and they work on maintenance projects. More experienced team members work on engagement evaluations and systems implementation, while designers with a bit less experience are assisted by the manager and older colleagues. As a part of their duties everyone holds presentations and educates clients and internal users.

Key technologies used are:

  • Java
  • Spring FrameworkSpring Web Services
  • SQL Server.

Designers often visit various conferences, workshops and educational events, along with being incentivized to study and wp-contently new tehnologies.

Department Manager handles the financial, material and human resources of the Department. His responsibility is to plan and organize the work inside the Department, define standards, procedures and policies for developing information systems and software in Trilix. They communicate daily with clients anad partners. They are also in charge of oversight of timely product deployment and quality, as well as for coordinating activities with other sections, and for the educational development of their designers.


Inside the Consulting Section we emply Junior and Senior consultants.

Junior consultants are individuals hungry for knowledge and experience, obtained through participating in projects and for the continued development of their knowledge and skills. Junior consultants are therefore offered a stimulating learning environment and given ample opportunities for internal and external education, as well as help and guidance in choosing the area of their interest.

One good example is one of our junor consultants, who after finishing supplementary education “PHP MySql Programmer” at the Algebra University found her development path in the are of Learning Management Systems in Trilix.

The education provided by her employer allowed her to take control, management and coordination of activities related to the Learning Management System of Trilix and our clients, create the designer component of Trilix solutions and communicate that towards the outside. As a continuation of her direction, she is handling the creation and care for Trilix presence in online sales channels, as well as client education.

Older consultants handle the safety of information systems. They see the wider picture of our clients’ surroundings, as well as recognize details. They hwp-contentily coopoerate with different experts from different industries. They are capable of recognizing client needs, as well as educating them. Reading and studying rules and regulations poses no problem for them, on the contrary it’s as pleasure because it enables them to perform oversight and coordination of activities related to the safety of information systems, control and overseeing various policies and procedures being wp-contentlied to various clients coming from various industries. The record business processes, notice risks and suggest security measures and measures for increase of security checks. They identify their clients various business needs. Their knowledge and experience is handed down to junior Trilix consultants.


The central communication interface of Trilix towards our clients, environment and internal company processes is the Customer Support Department. The customer support department is divided into two parts. One is comprised of Customer Support Agents, and represents the call centre and the first line of support. Second line of support is comprised of the Department of Operations, with the Operations Desk Specialists.

Call centre operators handle the technical and administrative details around incidents reported by users daily. All reports are created through a incident-reporting system, which allows users to see the status of their incident at any moment, from the report to the closure.

The support department represents the first line of tech support to users through solving simpler incidents over the phone and escalating more complex incidents to a second specialist line of tech support

Operations desk specialists use control mechanisms to supervise the operation of systems and control the availability of services. They solve more complex problems escalated from the call centre. They test services and wp-contentlications before going live, and maintaing existing wp-contentlications. Most potential delays are solved through proactive supervision and monitoring of systems even before users report a problem.

The manager is in charge of leading processes and organization of the Departments, selling activites and implementation and suggestion of processes directed at increasing safety levels and ensuring a high level of service towards the users of the Department. Besides that, his duties include user education, communicating with internal and external users and handling financial, material and human resources of the Department.


Want to improve your knowledge and skills working on a variety of ​different projects? Is it important for you to have constant attendance and training? Do you enjoy working with people?

Become a member of Trilix ​team as:

Junior / Senior Java developer (M/Ž)

​We are looking for:

  • ​​at least 1 year of work experience (preferably)
  • ​knowledge of Java or another object-oriented programming language
  • ​knowledge of SQL language​
  • knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
  • adventage is if you know Spring Framework and SQL Server
  • ​advantage is if you have experience in developing web wp-contentlications
  • ​proactivity in work
  • ​readiness to teamwork
  • ​the desire for continuous progress

​We offer:

  • ​friendly ​collegues and a good atmosphere
  • ​we give younger colleagues mentorship through the first projects
  • ​developers have their own rooms for up to 4 people
  • ​the best tools we can buy
  • ​IntelliJ IDEA as a Java environment
  • ​SQL Prompt as an Add-in for SQL Server
  • Bitbucket as a git repository
  • ​JIRA as ticketing system
  • ​SQL Server
  • ​going to conferences
  • education of SCRUM methodology
  • ​an official laptop and two monitors
  • ​official mobile phone for private purposes
  • flexible working hours
  • ​paid systematic medical reviews
  • parking place for bicycle
  • ​coffee, tea and ice cream (in the summer) in the kitchen
  • ​an opportunity to beat your fellow PS4 PES and Mortal Kombat tournaments
  • ​team building activities by the choice of the majority

​Send us your CV and motivation letter to email:

The newest department in Trilix is the Business Development Department, comprised of initiatiors of our development activities. We expect each of our business development experts to understand the business environment of our clients, to recognize the clients needs for the purpose of building programming solutions and to be engaged in transferring those needs to the department in charge of developing program support. Their daily tasks include analyzing the market potential of existing program solutions and suggest strategies for their continued development and improvement. Included in their long term goals are risk-testing and potentials of Trilix in future business endeavours. They cooperate with all necessary organizational parts of Trilix to suggest improvement of processes and coodinate activities related to the construction and deployment of strategic projects.

The Department Manager is responsible for organizing human resources of the Department and coordinating Department activities with the strategis goals of the company.


Sales in Trilix is handled by the Key Account Manager. They communicate directly with the clients with the goal of wp-contentlying Trilix competencies in order to create complete solutions that satisfy the client’s business needs. They win over new clients, and maintaing contact with the existing ones and plan them with continued use of Trilix services. They construct offers and contracts. It is imperativ for them to study new technologies and participate in developing new solutions in cooperation with the Business Development expert team. Trilix Sales is proactive. Their work is supported by the Sales Assistant, who keeps an accurate list of clients and user requests, and helps accounting bill for services.


In order for all of the Departments to function, there is the role of the Office Manager who receives and sorts mail, binds and scans documents, participates in assembling projects documentation, handles inbound and outbound bills, creates work orders and takes care through organizing and leading meetings to make sure that all the other colleagues have no overlaps in their schedules. The Office Manager also suggests, plans and sees through all activities in the administration domain, and takes care all legal rules and regulations are considered.


Trilix continuously expands its business and increases the number of employeesAs an IT companywe are most often looking for IT specialists from various higher education institutions (Faculty of Organization and InformaticsFaculty of Electrical Engineering and ComputingUniversity of Applied Sciences), with or without experienceWe also hire candidates of various profiles for work in the Consulting Department, Customer Support, Business Analysis Department and Sales. Trilixcurrently employs around 30 peopleOur working hours are flexible, at work we always have coffee and fresh fruit and most importantly – a friendly and relaxed working atmosphere! 

We offer students from various higher education institutions to complete their professional practice in our company, which they are paid forand we employed some of the students after the successful completion of professional practice and they are now our employeesApart from the students who come to us for professional practice, there are several students who are constantly assisting us with performing tasks in our Customer Support Department. 


This Prospective Employee Data Privacy Statement applies to the processing of personal data of job candidates, irrespective of whether they applied in response to the announced job vacancy or by sending a cover letter for an unadvertised job to Trilix d.o.o., PIN- OIB: 23149457295, as the Data Controller.  

If you have trouble understanding anything from the above Statement or you want to send a request for the exercise of any of your rights, contact us by e-mail: 

or by post:  

Trilix d. o. o.
Miramarska cesta 24. 

10000 Zagreb 

Att: „Službeniku za zaštitu osobnih podataka/Data Protection Officer 

Purpose and legal basis 

We collect and process personal data of prospective employees solely for the purposes of candidate recruitment and selectionin order to ensure the effective and successful conduct of candidate selection and other employment-related proceduresincluding but not limited to: 

  • data processing for the purposes of communicating with you in relation to your employment or job application, 
  • data processing for the purpose of evaluation and assessment during the employment process, 
  • data processing for the purpose of concluding an employment agreement with you, 
  • data processing for the purpose of evaluation and assessment in the future employment process. 

The legal basis for such data processing is taking action before concluding an agreement, respecting legal obligations and in the latter case, our legitimate interest. 

In order to reduce the time, as well as the costs related to seeking new employees, we usually keep the data of applicants who for any reason have not passed the selection process for which they initially applied, in order to contact them and upon their consent include them in future selection processes that suits their interest areas. 

Recipients of the personal data 

Our employees who participate in the recruitment process have access to personal data we process for employment purposes. Since our department heads have the freedom to choose the method of selection process, personal data may be processed by department heads as well as by other employees of the department that participate in the selection process.  

If you have applied for a job through specialised job advertising sites, personal data may also be processed by employees of those data processorssubject to compliance with all contractual terms relating to the security of personal data. 

In addition to the abovementionedyour personal data is also processed by a third party we hired for conducting a part of selection process regarding the psychological evaluation of candidates, by conducting interviews with shortlisted candidates. The said party, as a processor, is also bound by contractual provisions governing the protection and security of personal data. 

We will not transfer your personal data to countries outside of the Republic of Croatia, nor to any international organisations.  

Storage Period 

If an employment agreement is concludedall relevant personal data collected during the selection process will become part of the employee records and will be kept permanently pursuant to the relevant special regulations. 

However, if there is no employment relationship established, your personal data will be stored for the next 12 months after the completion of the selection processafter which it is permanently deletedunless there is another legal basis for processing the same data. If you do not want us to keep your data at the end of the selection processyou can notify us at any timeeither during prior communication with the head of selection process or by contacting . 

Your rights 

Apart from paying great attention to our current employees and regularly caring for them and encouraging them to exercise their rightsTrilix also takes account of prospective and/orfuture employeesTherefore, we inform you that, if you feel the need, you can request access to your personal data at any time, which means that we will provide you with all the information pertaining to your personal data as soon as possible, no later than 30 days upon the receipt of such requestYou can also request correction or deletion of your data or restriction of the processing of your data, if you consider it necessary. 

However, please note that if you ask us to delete your data or restrict the processing, we will not be able to take you into account during selection process. 

Furthermore, if you feel that there has been a violation of your rights regarding the processing and protection of your data, you can file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority. 

Last updated: 30 May 2019 

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